Tell Me More about The VICE SQUAD

VICE is such an awesome course! It opened my eyes to a lot of areas in my business & even personal branding that needs improvement. As a rookie entrepreneur, I do have a lot of ideas but struggling on taking them into action. VICE Squad gave me a lot of practical techniques on how to execute my ideas and how to improve my branding.

I’m still in the process of acquiring some newly learned habits but I can say that it has already helped me a lot, To be honest, I was able to have the confidence to do some things that I have been procrastinating for quite a while and to start to learn things that were overwhelming for me. After taking this programme I noticed that I became more productive and I could even complete some tasks I have never thought I could do. In fact, I’m now launching my new venture!

Another amazing thing about the VICE Squad is I was able to take it at my own pace. My schedule tends to be quite hectic at times and I love how convenient it is to take this course. I definitely recommend this course to people who want to improve themselves, upgrade their business and those who want to unlock more opportunities!

CEO of Elite English & The Podcast VA

Visibility, Influence, Credibility and Empathy.

Together these four key players form your VICE Squad.

And learning how to use them effectively will help you to open up opportunities and become the irresistible choice.

The secret to leveraging your VICE Squad is to think of them as a team. Just as in any team, all players work together to get a result that’s better than the result that they could produce individually. So in thinking about your VICE Squad, while working on one area will make an impact on another, it is working to develop the whole squad that gives it power. 

So if you’ve taken the VICE audit, your results offer you two valuable opportunities:

  1. To build your ‘muscle’ where your rating is lower 
  2. To develop your ‘muscle’ even further where your rating is higher

The VICE Squad programme is part of our Building Brand You on-line series and will take you from invisible to irresistible, so that you show up for the success that you want. It is specifically designed to help you to learn, practice and build your Brand You muscles in all four areas – visibility, influence, credibility and empathy.

Throughout the programme, I’ll be guiding you through:

  • what each player in your VICE Squad can do for you 
  • how to think about and use your visibility, influence, credibility and empathy in new ways, 
  • building new Brand You habits so that you can show up for the opportunities that you are interested in and serve your purpose

You’ll also get:

  • Access via desktop, tablets & smartphone devices – whatever works for you!
  • Self-paced, on-line modules to fit with your schedule
  • 20 exercises, quizzes & activities to help you practice new skills, new thinking and new insights
  • Download-able worksheets for you to use & re-use
  • A personalised certificate upon completion.

“From being visible to others and to connecting, I love the way it teaches you how to get yourself out there and stand out. Now, I’m confidently going to say yes to opportunities I never thought I’m capable of doing! After taking this course, I now have an idea of how I stand in the eyes of the people around me, what I want to stand for and how I’m going to get there.” Programme participant

Wouldn’t you like to have your very own VICE Squad at your fingertips to help you unlock the success you want?