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Kym with a Y and Building Brand You

Feb 2020

100 Women B2B Thought Leaders to follow 

Mastering the Game of Life

with Paul Lowe

The Mastering the Game of Life podcast helps get messages and stories out into the world through conversations with a selection of inspirational guests.

Let's Talk Small Business with Simon Cox

Meeting small businesses from across the World with a series of podcasts and interviews with small business owners!

Talking about marketing & visibility with Kym Hamer

International Women's Day 2020 event at Copthall School, London (UK)

Panelist & three times panel moderator

CIEE eLab: Workshops for entrepreneurs:
Entrepreneurial Leadership (1)
Telling your Story (4)
Academic Internship Council (UK)
Impacting the Nations - Virtual Summit
Pitch 'n' Present: Story-Selling - Soundbytes & Uberpitches (London, UK)
WLEN-HSBC The Business Start-Up Series: The 5 Ps of Business Planning (London UK)
LEGEND SA Springboard Seminar (Geneva, Switzerland)
Freedom Wealth Builder - Progressing through Uncertainty (On-line interview)
Women Leadership Empowerment Network (WLEN) Leadership Circle: (2)
International Women’s Day panelist - Copthall School (London UK)
JTFoxx MegaBusiness panelist: Mastering Uncertain Futures (London, UK)
KymHamer MegaProfits Paris May2019_edite
Kym Hamer on stage with Dr Ro (June 2018

What People Say

Charlie Dawson

Founder The Foundation

Kym's been helpful in bringing her experiences to life at a conference we organised, making aluminium can innovation relevant to senior managers from around the world wrestling with challenges around sugar.

Linda Rogers

Founder WLEN

 Kym is passionate about empowering others to take the leap from corporate employee to thriving entrepreneur and as the founder of Artemis Futures, she both inspires and equips people to imagine, design and build their own successful businesses.


Kym is a master storyteller and a passionate advocate for storytelling and collaboration as two of the essential building blocks of successful enterprise. 


She is an experienced speaker and panelist on topics such as mastering uncertainty, communicating your story with power and building future-fit businesses.

She also shares her own corporate-to-entrepreneur journey in her talk, 

100 Cups of Coffee.  

If you'd like to explore how Kym could be part of your event, please get in touch. 

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