The Power of Collaboration: Increased Liquidity

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Across the ocean, in the birthplace of Paddington Bear (darkest Peru for those of you who don’t know the story) lies a collaboration that has produced some liquid magic – a billboard that wrings moisture from the air and produces filtered drinking water.

This is Lima’s water billboard.

The idea was formed by partners UTEC and Mayo Publicity who have blended engineering excellence and creative thinking to bring this life line to the people of Lima. Check out this video to see how clever they’ve been…and what a difference they’ve made.

In a world concerned about the increasing scarcity of life-giving resources like water, I couldn’t help thinking how ingenious this was.

And how much we take turning on the kitchen tap to fill a glass with fresh water for granted.

Just as the 2018 Tycoons in Schools winner - the PumpIt Water team from Copthall School - has shown, an initiative by a group of engaged individuals can make a difference whether it be a group of young women raising money to further WaterAid's mission to save lives with clean water or a partnership between institutions who combine their scientific and technological know how to harness the power of the environment and provide clean water for the citizens of Lima.

The fact that these two projects illustrate the third step in building collaborative effort - getting others involved - inspires me.

But it also leaves me wondering how these results and the benefits they provide for people could be dispersed more widely and what we can do to encourage, harness and amplify collaborative effort to solve both the challenges we face now as well as the ones that lie in our future.

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